La Furia Roja Logo

We are an independent supporters group, proudly and loudly supporting Phoenix Rising FC.

Founded by the fans, for the fans. We are LFR. Fidelis ut terminus.

Yes, we’re trilingual!

We have one purpose and that is to provide enthusiastic support, create a unique experience, chant, sing and cheer for the full 90+ minutes. We aim to create the best atmosphere USL, which motivates our team, intimidates opposing players and challenges the efforts of rival supporters.

We want the whole stadium to feel the beat of our drums, the thunder in our hands and the passion in our voice.

We are non political, we welcome all fans of Phoenix Rising FC.

I like the fact that we are a very diverse group but at the same time we all relate. I truly believe that the energy that LFR 1881 brings to the stands makes a difference on and off the field.
– Kira Vargas, LFR 1881 member

  • LFR 1881 is run independently of any Phoenix soccer team.
  • LFR 1881 members are not hooligans and do not condone hooliganism.
  • LFR 1881 members abide by a code of conduct.

Want to learn more about LFR 1881? Like our Facebook page, follow @LFR1881 on Twitter and join us at one of our many events.

If you just want to join us, then come stand with the LFR, sing our songs, and participate in the displays.

LFR 1881 exists to give soccer fans a chance to come together with one voice, to have fun and enjoy the beautiful game together. It also gives us an opportunity to represent the city we call home.
– Greg Spradlin, LFR 1881 member

If you don’t have fun with us, then you must be a zombie, and we will kill you……We know, you’re already dead, but you know what we mean.